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Your Garage Doesn’t Have To Be An Eyesore

The garage is often a catchall space where we store tools, lawn care items, sporting equipment, luggage, holiday decorations, and any overflow in the home. Before you know it, your garage can become an eyesore, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

1.      Start With A Purge And Sort

It won’t be fast, and it won’t be fun, so make this step a family affair. Back the cars out of the garage and start sorting through everything. Sort things into 5 categories: Keep, Toss, Recycle, Donate, and Sell. This may take more than a day to finish so make sure you have the time in your schedule.

2.      Organize

Once you have determined what you’ll keep, it’s time to get organized. Invest in plastic bins that you can label to store holiday decorations and overflow. Then stack them on your shelving system of choice. When it comes to tools, lawn care, and sports equipment—search for item-specific organizers.

3.      Seal The Floors

One of the things that make your garage such an eyesore is that unsealed concrete stains easily and is difficult to clean. By adding clear epoxy flooring you can stainproof your garage floor and create a smooth high-gloss finish that is easy to sweep or shop vac clean. For a more stylized look, consider epoxy flake flooring, quartz floor, solid color epoxy, or metallic epoxy.

The sorting and organizing are up to you but Dynasty Epoxy can seal your garage floors for you. We serve Indianapolis, Dallas, Fort Worth, Louisville, and all surrounding metroplexes. Reach out today to discuss your options!