What is Garage Floor Epoxy? | Dynasty Epoxy

What is Garage Floor Epoxy?

To put it simply, epoxy is a type of resin. It is created artificially from both polyamine hardener and epoxide. The epoxide makes up the resin contents of the mixture, while the polyamine gives the epoxy coating its strength and structure. Unlike paint, epoxy is not a “wet” mixture that dries over time into a thin coat; rather, epoxy resin is a viscous material that is laid in layers. It takes time to cure. The mixture releases heat as it bonds to a given surface due to the bonding of its polymer structures.

Epoxy Coloring for Floors

Despite the fact that epoxy is not a type of paint, it can be tinted and given dimension by adding acrylic paint chips into the mixture. This way, the epoxy will not only strengthen the floor it adheres to, it will also give the floor a new look. To give an already tinted or multi-dimensional layer some added gloss, a topcoat can be added after the first layers have properly adhered and hardened.

Features of Epoxy Garage Flooring

When added to the surface of a garage floor, epoxy resin adds a degree of protection from stains, chips, cracks, and abrasions. The benefit is an obvious one; a garage floor that’s resistant to damage and easy to clean if a spill should occur. Not to mention, tinting and texturing your floor makes it look much less like a concrete slab and more like a showroom floor. While the look might not be of top priority, it certainly is an added touch that most garage-owners appreciate.

When finished, the epoxy layer almost looks like a tile or masonry floor but with no seams or cracks between the individual parts. Because of this, an epoxy floor does not trap dust and dirt into any open spaces, as it is a level surface unless you choose a tiled or grated look.

Whether you use your garage for many heavy-duty tasks and you’d like to be proactive against damage, or you’d simply like to make your garage look more like part of your home, epoxy resin flooring is a great choice. It will save you time cleaning, prevent damage to your floors, and create a more pleasing atmosphere for your garage space. Also, in many cases, laying epoxy flooring is more cost-effective than many other flooring options on the market. It’s an excellent addition to most workspaces.