How To Make A Room With Concrete Floors Feel Comfortable

How To Make A Room With Concrete Floors Feel Comfortable

Once thought of as cold and uninviting, concrete is increasingly popular for both residential and commercial flooring. Here is how to make any room with concrete floors feel comfortable.

Seal Or Coat The Floor

Concrete has a natural beauty so instead of adding tile or carpet, seal it or add a decorative epoxy floor paint. Sealing it with a urethane topcoat maintains a raw and unrefined look perfect for contemporary, modern, rustic, or industrial design aesthetics. The floor will still be a shade of grey, but it will have a high gloss shine. Sealing it will also provide protection from spills and make your concrete faster and easier to clean.

If you want to keep the concrete, but move away from a standard grey, there is an impressive variety of colors, patterns, and luxurious coatings to choose from.

Cover The Walls

If the walls are concrete too, cover them up. This could be with drywall to create a standard wall that you can paint or decorate. Drywall will also make it easier to hang framed art and décor from. However, you could apply permanent or semi-permanent wallpaper or wood panels. Before you decide on how to cover the walls, consider whether or not to add insulation as concrete can be cold. Maybe keep one concrete feature wall and insulate and cover the rest. Don’t forget the ceilings.

Accessorize With Texture

Texture is essential for making a space feel stylized and inviting. Add area rugs to the floors, plants, throw pillows, natural textiles, and furniture in a variety of textures. Even if the overall design is minimal and the colors are monochromatic, choose a variety of textures to create a space that feels livable.

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