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How Garage Floor Epoxy is Applied

Laying protective epoxy coating on your garage floor is relatively straightforward, aside from the amount of preparation needed to ensure that the material will adhere correctly. That said, attempting to lay epoxy coating can end up disastrous if done with no prior knowledge or preparation. There are a few things you should do to make certain that your coating is going to properly adhere to your floor. 

Floor Preparation for Epoxy Flooring

Garage floor epoxy first requires flooring that has either been ground or etched until it is no longer completely smooth, meaning that the floor cannot be sealed. It has to be clean, but also somewhat permeable to properly receive the first layer of epoxy.

This is much like the way that a surface has to be prepared to have acrylic adhere to it. Epoxy flooring will often need to have a primer layer laid initially. The priming layer binds most easily when it has something to “grab” onto, so creating a slightly rough surface is ideal. Keep in mind that large cracks or holes in your flooring need to be patched before laying any epoxy coats; otherwise, your flooring will be uneven.

The Base Coat

After the floor primer has been laid, the base coat is then applied. This is the coat that takes care of the floor’s coloring and depth, depending on exactly how you’d like your garage floor epoxy to look. The coloring of your floor is achieved by adding acrylic paint chips into the epoxy mixture. This process adds texture as well. This base coat will ideally be several layers thick, as it will serve as the main substance of your chosen flooring. 

The Topcoat

Once you have the primer and base coat applied to your floor, you’ll want to add a topcoat for several reasons

  • The topcoat protects your base coat from early wear or damage and creates a surface that’s easier to clean.
  • The topcoat adds depth and definition to the base coat if you’ve applied color chips to the base of your flooring.
  • If you’d like to add slip-resistant compounds to your flooring, a topcoat will make this feat much easier to accomplish.
  • A topcoat gives your floor a glossy look, which can be reapplied as the floor starts to age. A new topcoat can make your garage floor epoxy look brand new.

If properly prepared and applied, epoxy flooring can be a great addition to your garage, both aesthetically and functionally. Properly applied flooring looks fantastic and protects the surface of your flooring from many types of damage.