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Frequently Asked Questions

Every professional installed floor starts with great prep! To ensure the best bond to your concrete surface, we will mechanically prepare the substrate by either using an industrial-grade diamond grinder or shotblaster, the equipment used is dependent on the application. This will ensure that the floor coatings have a properly scored and prepared substrate to bond to. If cracks, chips, gouges and spalling are present, they are exposed even further, cleaned out and properly repaired. This repair process will ensure a uniform floor and limit unsightly features in the finished product.
Negative, ghost rider! We have tested this over and over again. Oil will sit on top of the coating until you decide to clean it up. But don’t do that, just clean it up when you see it & get your car or piece of equipment repaired!

Our polyaspartic flake floors are designed with safety in mind. The vinyl flakes we broadcast into the wet coating provide an ‘orange peel’ texture that enhances slip resistance over a smooth finished floor. This texture helps to mitigate slipperiness, even when the floor is wet. While this method significantly increases traction, we still recommend caution in wet conditions. For additional slip resistance, we offer options like anti-slip/traction additives. Regular maintenance and cleaning further help in preserving the floor’s safe, textured surface.

Our UV-resistant topcoat is crucial for maintaining the vibrant color and appearance of your floor, protecting it against yellowing from sun exposure. It’s designed to withstand daily traffic and preserve the floor’s beauty. For optimal adhesion to the concrete, we complement this with a specially formulated base coat.

She gone (grind it off)! We will definitely want to remove the old flooring that’s on the concrete. If we do not, we won’t be able to stand behind the bond the coatings bond. Our primary goal is for your new floor to stand up the test of time.

Yes we can, and we do . . . all the time! It just doesn’t feel like the space is finished out if we don’t coat them. You can always paint them yourself, but why not have us take care of them while we’re there?

Addressing cracks is a crucial step in our preparation process to ensure a flawless finish. We employ a specialized technique using a crack chaser—a tool with a wide blade attached to an angle grinder—to meticulously clean and prepare each crack. This process allows us to thoroughly remove any debris and create a clean, receptive surface for the filling material. Once the repair material is applied and has fully cured, we carefully grind it down to ensure it’s perfectly level with the rest of the floor, ensuring a seamless and durable repair.

We leave them alone. When new concrete is poured, typically, it is standard operating procedure that the concrete company cut or tool joints into a floor. The goal of a joint is to relieve the concrete & tell it where to crack (since it will do it on its own, regardless). They also allow the concrete “pads” to settle to some degree, filling these joints could eliminate the concrete’s ability to do so properly. In short, if the concrete does crack after the coating is applied it will likely be through the joints and not the coating itself.

Our coatings are specially formulated to be applied year-round, regardless of the season. We’ve developed our products with versatility in mind, ensuring that temperature and environmental conditions do not hinder the installation process. Our team expertly considers these factors during application to guarantee optimal results at any time of the year, providing you with a seamless and efficient service.

Our coatings are designed with safety and comfort in mind. While some coatings may emit a mild odor during the curing process, we prioritize using low-odor or odorless formulas whenever possible. For installations in enclosed spaces like garages, we recommend ventilating the area to expedite odor dissipation. The quick curing times of our products ensure that.

For your convenience, we offer various storage solution options tailored to your needs. Please consult your sales representative to discuss these alternatives. While some of our locations have partnerships with reputable storage companies, others may guide you on safely storing your belongings. Often, customers choose to temporarily move their items indoors or cover them securely with a tarp outdoors. Rest assured, we’re here to assist you in finding the best storage solution during your flooring upgrade.

We use advanced vacuums to capture 99% of dust during concrete prep. Complete capture on uneven surfaces is tough, but we ensure a tidy process.