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About Us

It’s not glorious in how it all started, the Schaeffer twins (Mirror Image to be exact) first started installing epoxy countertops and epoxy flooring back in 2012 in Louisville.

The days were long, and the sleep was short, Phil was the first to leave his day job working with Seth, as Seth continued to grind away during the days as a sales associate for a performance engine builder (these guys like cars!). For years they would do this until they were profitable enough to support each of their salaries.

Meanwhile in Texas Harlan was also working a day job in corporate America. One day his father-in-law mentioned that he should consider epoxy garage floorings and organization…and so the journey began. Installing floors solo for years at night and on weekends.

Then came the fateful day that Seth and Harlan were introduced through another epoxy flooring organization. With all 3 looking to take their businesses to the next level, they naturally partnered to build a business that was more cost efficient than running independently. The three partners found an almost instant cohesion as all of them shared a similar mindset in their own “why”. The intent from the very start was to build a business that was sustainable and something to be proud of for years to come. Now the hard work, coming up with a name, one that resonated but one that also meant something. Many, many names were thrown out and discarded, some quickly others lagging, but one stuck out. Dynasty, why because it stands for family succession and family is of the utmost importance to the founders. Dynasty is a name that bleeds legacy and strength, passion, and purpose.

This is a business that was built on core principals, do to others as you would want done to you. If a floor fails (for whatever reason) fix it, don’t make excuses, just make it right. It’s about performing at the highest level possible, whether that means: efficiency, cost, quality, or speed of response, we are always aiming to better the business on a daily basis.

Setting appropriate expectations has been the key to success thus far and this is one thing that is stressed to all our employees daily. For us communication is simple, share the bad news and setbacks just as you do the good news and wins. By doing this, we can reduce our gaps in communication, making for an overall better experience and it’s all about the overall experience!

It’s simpler this way, which is why we do it this way.

SETH SCHAEFFER Dynasty Epoxy Managing Partner


Managing Partner

PHIL SCHAEFFER Dynasty Epoxy Managing Partner


Managing Partner

HARLAN WILLIAMS Dynasty Epoxy Managing Partner


Managing Partner