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About Us

From humble beginnings in 2012 to a beacon of quality and innovation today, our story at Dynasty Epoxy is one of passion, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. In the early days, Phil transitioned from his day job as a master engine builder to embark on the entrepreneurial journey with Seth, who balanced his sales role at the same performance engine builder with growing their small business. Together, they embraced long hours and constant refinement until Dynasty Epoxy could stand proudly on its own.

Our journey, inspired by the strength of family ties and the wisdom of collective experience, led us to establish a business model that champions efficiency, empowerment, and the core belief that we are stronger together. Our name ‘Dynasty’ was chosen with purpose; it symbolizes the enduring legacy and robust foundation we aspire to build for our community and our valued customers, whoever they may be.

We believe in doing business grounded in the Golden Rule – treat others the way you want to be treated. This principle guides every interaction and decision, from ensuring the longevity and quality of our epoxy flooring solutions to maintaining transparent and honest communication with our clients and team members. We don’t just address issues – we take responsibility for them, striving to exceed expectations and continually improve.

Our mission extends beyond delivering top-tier services; it’s about nurturing relationships and providing a seamless experience that speaks volumes of our integrity and dedication. As we look towards a future where Dynasty Epoxy is not only a leader in the industry but also a champion of a sustainable, family-oriented business model, we invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey.

At Dynasty Epoxy, we aren’t just building floors – we’re crafting a legacy of quality, trust, and excellence that stands the test of time.

SETH SCHAEFFER Dynasty Epoxy Managing Partner


Founding Partner

PHIL SCHAEFFER Dynasty Epoxy Managing Partner


Founding Partner