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3 Reasons To Apply Garage Floor Epoxy

A garage is a multi-purpose space in your home. It’s where you park your car and store tools, gardening equipment, sports gear, holiday decorations, and miscellaneous items. It may even be an extension of your home that you utilize as an extra bedroom, home office, theater, gym, play space, or workshop. Whatever role the garage plays in your home there are a few sound reasons to apply garage floor epoxy.

Epoxy Is Easy To Clean

Whether it’s a simple clear coat to seal the concrete or a decorative and stylized garage floor epoxy, cleaning your garage will be a breeze from here on out. Simply sweep or vacuum up the dirt, dust, and debris—then mop. With the smooth and even coating, your cleaning tools will glide over your upgraded concrete with ease. While concrete is naturally porous and prone to staining, not to worry if you have an oil leak or spill a chemical on top—as it will wipe right up without leaving a stain behind.

It Makes Your Garage More Inviting

When it comes to interior design, the garage is one of the most overlooked spaces in your home. Whether for parking, storage, or multipurpose use you deserve a garage that is inviting. It’s the first thing you see when you leave home for the day and it should welcome you when you return from work. By upgrading your flooring and investing in the proper organizational tools your garage becomes a beautiful extension of your home. While you’re at it, consider adding a window or two or insulating and sealing the walls.

Epoxy Protects Your Concrete

We mentioned earlier that epoxy garage floor paint is water and stainproof, but they are also scratch resistant, impact resistant, and slip resistant. These added features keep your concrete floor looking clean and beautiful and minimize the risk of damage or discoloration if your garage is a work or living space. While not essential in the average garage, some coatings are also microbial and UV resistant. 

Epoxy is fast and easy to install and most garage floors can be sealed and ready to re-enter the same day. Not to worry if your garage floor is uneven or has cracks or damages, as we will repair, grind, and clean your concrete before we get started. Reach out today to explore your garage floor epoxy or polyaspartic coating options!